My Bag Collection

image image image image Condition: Used. 9/10 Selling at SGD1200 (retail about SGD2500)


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Bought this at Takashimaya LV boutique at SGD375.

{November 19, 2007}   Louis Vuitton Monogram Neverfull GM

Monogram NeverfullMonogram Neverfull - Inside

This is such a spacious bag. Singapore is out of stock and I managed to ask my friend in Dubai to get it for me.

Damier Speedy 25Damier Speedy - Inside

LV - Malibu Street 017P1020752P1020753P1020755P1020751
Conditions – 7/10. Comes with dustbag.
Size: TBA
Selling SGD500.00


Conditions – 10/10. No stains, scratches nor smell. Comes with dustbag and paperbag.
Size: 32cm x 17cm x 14cm
Sold at SGD900

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