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{June 16, 2009}   Burberry Tote Small Bag – DFS Exclusive


I bought this bag by coincidence at DFS Scotts Road. I couldn’t believe that they still have the DFS exclusive bag on the shelf as I was told by the other Burberry staff that they no longer carry the DFS exclusive bag. What delighted me more is that this bag is actually on a 30% sales! The only deciding factor is the big one or the small bag. In the end, I settled for the smaller bag at SGD399. Really a good buy today.


hi! i really luv ur Burberry DFS Exclusive bag. i wonder if they still have the item if it’s still on sale because i’d luv to have one.maybe you can sell this bag to me if you don’t like it anymore.

It's my Blog says:

Hi, I don’t think it’s available anymore as my friend just check at DFS @ Scotts last week. You can visit their store to give it a try. This bag is definately not on sales.

If you are really interested, you may consider my the other DFS exclusive Burberry bag at SGD350. (Burberry – Limited Edition only available in SG DFS – Friend’s Bag). It can fit A4 size.

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